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這是以中國古書 易經 為概念出發,其中陰陽代表著彼此互相對立、依存、消長平衡及轉化藉由這些來構成是萬物的規律。最後的影像結合到我的故鄉台灣,以台灣的街道意像來象徵陰陽扮隨著我們生活。


The concept is came from I Ching, also been known as The Book of Changes. In the book, the yin and yang represent conflicting, coexisting, balancing and transforming, which make up the patterns of all living things. The final clip reflects my home country, Taiwan. I use the images of Taiwan streets to symbolize yin and yang in our daily lives.


Director | 

Solo Production |

Music & Sound Design |

高明碩  Ming-Shuo  Kao

高明碩  Ming-Shuo  Kao

張峻龍  Jyun-Long  Jhang

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