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拍框使用「DYNAMIC-HEX動力流體六角框」搭配「REBOUND SHIELD 彈力盾科技」技術,提供 DriveX 9X 絕佳的彈性與舒適手感,不只揮拍感受更輕快,出球連貫性也大幅提升。

手柄採用動力流體六角框結合輕量化硬中管,搭載懸浮核心科技 (FREE CORE) 手柄,每次揮拍擊球,都能在維持穩定性及舒適性的基礎上,更有效釋放力量與速度,同時實現精準控球,讓主動出擊更為俐落流暢,由此成為全面球拍有所突破的關鍵。

The racket uses "DYNAMIC-HEX dynamic fluid hexagonal frame" and "REBOUND SHIELD elastic shield technology" to provide DriveX 9X with excellent elasticity and comfortable feel. Not only does it make the swinging experience feel lighter and faster, but it also significantly improves the consistency of hitting the ball.

The handle is constructed with the dynamic fluid hexagonal frame combined with a lightweight hard middle tube and equipped with a Free Core suspension technology handle. Each swing and hit can release power and speed more effectively while maintaining stability and comfort. It also achieves precise ball control, making aggressive attacks more precise and smooth. This breakthrough makes it a key feature of an all-around racket.



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Victor 勝利體育


高明碩  Ming-Shuo Kao 

張峻龍  Jyun-Long Jhang

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