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將設計美學與性能相結合,Realme 9 Series 代表著能量、速度,突破時間和空間的極限。

在沙丘和湖泊的風景中,展現 Realme 9 Series 的相機、屏幕、Snapdragon芯片、大電池、超薄和流線型設計依次呈現。

Using ultimate performance to break the order of space and time, just like the speed of light.

Combining design aesthetics with performance, the Realme 9 Series represents energy, speed, and breaking the limits of time and space.

Amid the scenery of sand dunes and lakes, the camera, screen, Snapdragon chip, large battery, ultra-thin and streamlined design of the Realme 9 Series are presented in sequence.



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高明碩 Ming-Shuo Kao

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