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"The Tui Bei Tu" is a famous ancient Chinese prophecy book, which is said to have been co-authored by Li Chunfeng and Yuan Tiangang of the Imperial Astronomical Bureau during the early Tang dynasty. It predicts the rise and fall of China's fortunes for over 2,000 years after the Tang dynasty, and is one of the seven major prophecy books in China. It can be considered as a revelation left by ancient prophets to help people navigate the vast and uncertain river of history without losing their way or perishing. Human predictions of the future have existed for thousands of years and have been constantly developing and evolving.

Using religious artistic sculptures featuring dragons, tigers, and fish, it is portrayed that the future cannot be fully grasped, and what can be predicted is only the impermanence of worldly affairs. One can only go with the flow, live in the present, and gain more knowledge from prophecy to better understand the world.

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