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雅詩蘭黛 2022 虎年新春限定系列,在 2021 年疫情大舉影響日常,讓人們更加期盼明年 2022 金虎年各路福虎生風,開年一路福滿長紅。

因此此次 KV 視覺以牡丹紅為整體色系,並以霓虹勾勒出金虎的輪過,象徵迅速修護肌膚,產生青春能量讓肌膚彈潤更緊緻,讓你1滴完美透亮,啟動年輕關鍵。

Estée Lauder's 2022 Lunar New Year limited edition collection features the tiger, in celebration of the upcoming Year of the Tiger in 2022. With the significant impact of the pandemic in 2021, people are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the auspicious Year of the Tiger, hoping for good fortune and prosperity.

Therefore, the visual design of this campaign is predominantly peony red, and the golden tiger is depicted with neon lights, symbolizing rapid skin repair and the generation of youthful energy for firmer, more supple skin that radiates with a perfect luminosity. This activates the key to youthfulness.


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Estee Lauder

​Panda Comm 哲瑞

高明碩 Ming-Shuo Kao

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