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透過動態設計與豐富的場景轉換,傳遞 AUO 在顯示科技、系統解決方案、醫療照護、智慧製造、交通移動...等
各領域的發展,展現 AUO 突破框架,探索智慧場域解決方案的決心。

Using the new visual identity elements as the basis, along with the variation of abstract, geometric shapes, they combine to symbolize AUO’s initiative in exploring innovative possibilities beyond panel technology. The dynamic designs and vibrant scene transitions display AUO’s commitment to develop system solutions for various verticals, such as medical, smart manufacturing, transportation, and more.



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AUO 友達光電


蘇暉凱 Hui Kai Su
高明碩 Ming Shuo Kao
呂秉真 Binbin Lu
高明碩 MingShuo Kao | 蘇暉凱 Hui Kai Su | 陳威廷 WeiTing Chen
盧之浩 G_HöW 

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